Multiple improvements across various features

January 11, 2021


  • platformOS cookie is marked as secure
  • preview of a public interface for checking data modifications (User, Record) with admin_versions — currently it displays changes during the last 7 days.
  • added new is_json_valid filter
  • added support for Sendgrid unique arguments to EmailNotification
  • added admin_pages_delete_all mutation


  • possibility to put Table definitions (old ModelSchema) in the app/schema directory
  • performance of querying for total number of records, without returning actual records
  • function tag now has access to the context variable by default
  • pos-cli sync by default now uploads assets directly to S3
  • YAML parser now allows three dashes as a value of a field
  • removed ambiguity when selecting Instances to copy in the Partner Portal
  • error message when providing invalid credentials to pos-cli now clearly states the login or password is invalid
  • renaming Model to Record and ModelSchema to Table, along with adding corresponding GraphQL queries and mutations
  • allow to filter pages by deleted_at in admin_pages mutation


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