Renaming files, pos-cli clean

April 6, 2020


  • Moving / renaming names - improved mechanism of detecting which resource to update when either the physical file path or the name property changes to avoid creating duplicates and raise validation uniqueness errors. For example, when you move a file from:
    • modules/my_modules/public/form_configurations/my_form.liquid to modules/my_modules/private/forms/my_form.liquid, we will recognize this is the same file (public changed to private and form_configurations changed to forms), even if the name property changes within the file
    • modules/my_modules/private/forms/my_form.liquid to modules/my_modules/private/forms/some_dir/my_form.liquid, we will recognize this is the same file (moved the file into a new directory some_dir), but only if the name property will not change

Additionally, we will also correctly recognize the file if you change the name property without changing the file's location. However, it is allowed to update the deprecated directory name to the new one, as well as to move file from public to private and vice versa - as described in the first example.


  • Fixed edge case scenario of creating a User Profile via GraphQL mutation, then exporting the data and trying to import it, which was causing a 500 error


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