Headers in context.headers, customizations to models renaming, bugfixes

Last edit:

August 05, 2019


  • allow user to access their custom request headers via context.headers


  • replaced customizations with models in examples
  • clean up output of form variable when custom_image/custom_attachment is provided


  • filtering data by empty values - users and models endpoints will properly filter items with values that are empty. For example:
      per_page: 20,
      filter: {
        properties: [{ name: "warning", value: "" }]
     ) { ... }
  • removed articles about CustomAddress - there is a better way now via models - https://documentation.platformos.com/developer-guide/records/using-geojson-format-geolocation
  • exception in data import is no longer raised when item with given external id does not exist
  • 500 error when trying to include partial without a name - {% include '' %} will render user friendly error
  • gracefully handle exception in jwt_decode filter
  • gracefully handle empty string provided to parse_json filter/tag


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