Improvements and fixes

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November 04, 2019


  • fetch images without having to go through models via GraphQL


  • add user sorting and filtering by name, first_name, last_name
  • allow to update direct_url via custom_image_update mutation
  • deprecate name in favor of model_schema_name for models query
  • improved error handling for validation errors in translations to include path to the physical file and proper error message
  • make property_array smart enough to handle more scenarios instead of throwing 500 error


  • properly decode path in direct_url before saving
  • ignore filter arguments with nil values
  • be able to submit private form using submit_form
  • 500 error while accessing properties with restricted name in background jobs
  • 500 error when trying to access body of API Call response which timed out
  • url path validator throws 500 if value is nil
  • 500 error when recaptcha is misconfigured

pos-cli changes

pos-cli changelog is kept separately.


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