Page identified based on physical_file_path, optional slug, improvement for profiling slow pages, fixing *_delete_all mutations

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  • Update Page based on physical_file_path instead of slug.

This fixes the UX issue when pos-cli sync was enabled, modifying slug/format/method could create duplicated Page objects with the same physical file path.

It also fixes the UX issue which allowed you to have multiple Pages with the same slug - now uniqueness validation error will be triggered.

Last but not least - slug became optional - by default path to page will correspond to file path. For example /hello/world will display content of app/views/pages/hello/world.html.liquid, previously you had to define the slug as follows:

slug: hello/world
Hello World


It is now easier to spot bottlenecks in profiler output.


Avoid race condition in *_delete_all mutations - since actual deletion takes place in the background, make sure that users created between scheduling a background task and executing it won't be deleted.

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