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Last edit: Oct 26, 2022


The Standards section of our documentation will always be a work in progress but just like before, we want to share and collaborate with you on all parts of the Golden Platform, including this documentation. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us through our Contact page, or open an issue in our GitHub repository.

The Golden Path foretold the fluid events of the future, both great and small. More profoundly, however, it revealed an optimum path through the countless threads of cause and effect that were encountered by the human race.

as understood in Frank Herbert’s fictional Dune universe

What is the Golden Platform?

Behind the scenes, we have been working on what we code-named the Golden Platform: a standardized framework and ecosystem that provides unified, optimized, and flexible best practices and resources to help you build on platformOS.

The “Golden Platform” initiative will help you as the trusted guide for your clients, to lead them on the Golden Path to success for their project.

After we took all the feedback from new developers and web agency owners, reviewed our developer onboarding and documentation, and conducted comprehensive user research, we realized our community needed more end-to-end guidance and best practices excellence in helping new developers onboard. We want to give business owners and agencies a product that they can go to market with much quicker than having to build everything from scratch.

Flexibility has been one of the core tenets of platformOS, and we want to preserve that. The golden platform is an entire ecosystem that includes:

  • platformOS community
  • platformOS Core (the engine that runs all the devops, scaling, security, rendering and integrations)
  • platformOS Modules (for example, eCommerce Marketplace, Roles & Permissions, Activity Feeds)
  • Developer documentation, both written and video how to’s
  • Developer tools, like the pOS-cli, GraphiQL GUI, Live Site Sync, etc.
  • DevOps and Cloud Service Providers
  • UX research best practices
  • Figma templates
  • Design System
  • Mobile Wrapper

As always, we will ensure that the community can get involved, can provide feedback, and can see ongoing results from our internal team.

If you want to learn more, watch our latest webinar, where we share our vision for the Golden Platform, including an overview of the modular architecture, a development roadmap, and UX, UI, and documentation plans.

Golden Platform Documentation

The Golden Platform documentation found in the Standards section of the platformOS Documentation will include:

  • The official modular architecture documentation, which will provide a foundation for understanding the concepts and thinking behind the Golden Platform.

  • Developer guidelines, tutorials, concept topics, just like what we have in our current Developer Guide. The documentation will also explain how to apply existing software development principles and design patterns like separation of concerns, single responsibility, or the Open/Closed principle to Liquid and the standards in platformOS.

  • Module documentation and resources like design for each module.

  • Starters, so that you don’t have to start from scratch when you start development on platformOS, and these starters will also demonstrate how the standards are used. We will provide a module starter repository and modular project starter repositories.

  • User Experience Research resources like templates and workflows, and explanations and best practices on how to use them.

  • User Interface resources like a Component Library, Design System, designs for all modules, and documentation for all of these.

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