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The setup process of developing a site using platformOS includes three main steps:

Step 1: Creating an Instance

A Partner creates a new Instance through the Partner Portal. Besides creating a new Instance, the Partner has the options to update and configure existing Instances, or copy and modify the configuration of one Instance to create another with the same or similar configuration. The platformOS engine saves the Instance, which – after authorization – becomes available for developers to deploy and sync to.

What you’ll need:

Step 2: Creating your codebase

Developers create their codebase in a local environment. The codebase of a platformOS Instance has to follow the required directory structure.

What you’ll need:

Step 3: Deploying and syncing

The pos-cli deploys or syncs the codebase to the Instance.
What you’ll need:

Get Started: Follow our step-by-step tutorials to set up your development environment, and to build and deploy your first basic site.


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