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Welcome to platformOS! Our Get Started guides will walk you through the steps of building a sample site or app on platformOS. If you’d like to be able to start tinkering with your platformOS site in minutes, start from a template we created. If you’d like to set up your development environment and learn about the workflow, development tips and best practices, start from scratch.

Start from a template

Go through the basic setup, and clone our pre-made marketplace template for a quick start.

pOS Marketplace Template

The pOS marketplace template is a fully functional marketplace built on platformOS with features like user onboarding, ad listings and ads, purchase and checkout process, and online payment. Following the tutorial, you can deploy this code within minutes to have a list of working features and start customizing the back- and front-end code.

Start from scratch

These guides include detailed explanations for each step, example code, tips and best practices on development workflow and QA, and links to learn more.

Hello, World!

Hello, World! is the first part of our Get Started guide, that will teach you how to set up your development environment, create a simple site, make a small change on the home page, and deploy it. This is to make sure you have everything you need and everything works. You can stop here and start experimenting based on our documentation, or you can move on to the second part of our Get Started guides.

Build a ToDo List App

Build a ToDo List App is the second part of our Get Started guide that walks you through the steps of creating a ToDo List app on platformOS from setting up your development environment to deploying and testing your finished app. It explains basic concepts, main building blocks, and the logic behind platformOS, while also giving you some recommendations on workflow.

Build a ToDo List App - Part 2: Extend Your App shows you how to extend what you have built in part 1 to explore additional platformOS features in greater depth and learn about more best practices.

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