Installing Node.js on Windows

Last edit: Dec 02, 2019
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This guide will help you install Node.js on Windows.
You will need NPM (Node.js Package Manager) to install the platformOS pos-cli, that allows you to easily deploy your configuration files and assets to our platform, and communicate with the platformOS API. NPM is distributed with Node.js: when you install Node.js, you automatically get NPM installed on your computer.


This tutorial describes installing Node.js using Git for Windows. We recommend this approach so that you have version control accessible on your computer, and also because you can use the Terminal it provides to run the command-line commands required to install and use the pos-cli.

So for installing Node.js by following this tutorial, you'll need:

  • Git for Windows: When the installer asks how you would like to use Git from the command line, select Run Git and included Linux tools from the Windows Command Prompt, which enables you to do Git and other Linux-like commands from the regular Windows Command Prompt.


Installing Node.js on Windows with Git is a two-step process:

Step 1: Install Node.js from

Download the latest stable version of the Node.js Windows Installer from the Node.js Download page. Run the installer, and follow the prompts – you don't have to change any of the default settings during the installation. The installation process finishes with a "Node.js has been successfully installed." message.
You can find Node.js among All Programs.

Step 2: Access Node.js and NPM

You can access Node.js from the installed Node.js command line, or – as recommended in this tutorial – from the Git Bash or Windows Command Prompt.

In Git Bash, enter:

  • node -v to see the version of Node.js installed. The version number of Node.js will be displayed.
  • npm -v to see the version of NPM installed. The version number of NPM will be displayed.

Next steps

Congratulations! You have installed NPM on Windows. Now you can install the platformOS pos-cli.


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.