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Prerequisite: Register on the Partner Portal

Last edit: Apr 10, 2020


You might already have access to the Partner Portal if a registered Partner created an account for you. If you already have a Partner Portal account, please skip this step.

The Partner Portal is an online interface, where you can create, manage and configure your sites (called Instances), and create and manage the permissions of other users (called Partners).

To register on the Partner Portal, go to https://partners.platformos.com/accounts/sign_up, use your GitHub or Google account, or fill in the form:

Field Description Example
First Name Your first name John
Last Name Your last name Smith
Email Your email address john.smith@helloworld.com
Password Your password should consist of at least six characters that are a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Uk9bpBMJ6s

Once registered, you will get an email verification. Click on the Accept verification link to activate your account.

Next step: Create an Instance

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