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Install the pos-cli

Last edit: May 30, 2020

The pos-cli is a command line interface that helps you deploy configuration files and assets to your platformOS site.


You will need a recent version of NPM (Node Package Manager) installed on your computer to install the pos-cli. NPM is distributed with Node.js, which means that by installing Node.js, you automatically get NPM installed on your computer. If you haven't installed Node.js yet, follow this tutorial to install it.

Once you have Node.js installed, start your command-line tool (for example, Terminal on a Mac, or Git Bash on Windows), and enter:

npm install -g @platformos/pos-cli

If your Node.js is installed for all users you might need to use sudo to install npm packages globally:

sudo npm install -g @platformos/pos-cli

Use the following command to test the pos-cli:

pos-cli -v

If the pos-cli has been installed correctly, running this command displays the version of your pos-cli. If the pos-cli hasn't been installed, running this command gives a command not found error.

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