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Create an Instance

Last edit: Apr 10, 2020


If you go through the Hello, World! onboarding steps when registering on the Partner Portal, you only have to enter a name for your demo Instance, and we create it for you.

To be able to deploy your site, you have to create an Instance on the Partner Portal. Instances have a URL, and they represent different development environments, like staging or production. We recommend creating a staging environment for going through the steps in this tutorial.

On the Partner Portal, in the menu on the left under Create, select Instance, and fill in the form:

Field Description Example
Name The name of your Instance HelloWorld
Tags Enter up to 5 tags (optional). You can use tags to group your Instances, for example by project or client. demo, test
Partner Select the Partner the Instance will belong to. HelloWorldPartner
Data Center Select an endpoint (staging or production). STAGING

Select the Staging/Unbilled Billing Plan that appears, and click on the Create button. We create the Instance, and once it's done (in a couple of minutes), send you an email with a link to your Instance and other useful information.

Next step: Install the pos-cli

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