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Setting Up a Production Domain

Last edit: Feb 28, 2020

This guide will help you set up a production domain. The production domain is the domain of your production Instance, your live site available to visitors.


To be able to set up a production domain on the Partner Portal, you have to have access to the Partner Portal, have a production Instance, and you should be familiar with the recommended development workflow.


A domain can only be added on a production data center. It means that you cannot set up an additional domain on staging data centers.


We are continuously improving the UX of this functionality, trying to make it as user-friendly as possible. Some changes may apply.


Step 1: Open the Add new domain to your instance form

On the selected Instance's page, click on Domains then Add new domain to your instance.

Step 2: Select DNS Zone or External DNS managent

The next step is to decide how you will manage the DNS records. In the end, both scenarios will include creating a www version of your domain and redirecting from the root to the www version.

Pick an option from below:

  • DNS Zone [Recommended]
    Choose this option if you want to manage the DNS through the Partner Portal by creating a DNS Zone. You can fully configure your domain, add any necessary DNS records, MX records for mail boxes, etc. here.

  • External DNS management
    Choose this option if you want to manage the DNS through a 3rd party solution. After confirming permissions to your domain, you will be provided a Load Balancer DNS Name [FQDN] to which you will need to point your domain within your 3rd party solution.
    NOTE: your DNS solution must provide for the acceptance of Fully Qualified Domain Names!

Step 3: Name your new domain

After selecting your option you will have to enter the name of the new domain and click on Create domain.


The name of your new domain must be a root domain, for example: platformos-demo.com, not www.domain.com.

You will be redirected back to the domains page. In a few moments, your new domain will appear on the domains list. Wait for the status to change from pending and then click view for futher instructions.

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