Form configuration - deprecated, use Form

# GraphQL Schema definition

1type FormConfiguration implements AdminSharedAttributesInterface {
2# associated api call notifications
3api_call_notifications: [ApiCallNotification!]
4# Same as callback, but invoked asynchronously. Recommended for performance
5# reason.
6async_callback_actions: String
7# Delays invoking the job by specified number of minutes. Liquid allowed - useful
8# to invoke code at certain point in time, for example 1 hour before something
9# etc. To calculate proper number you can use time_diff filter.
10async_callback_delay: String
11# Defines max number of retrying attempts in case of an error. Usually you do not
12# want to change it.
13async_callback_max_attempts: Int
14# defines the invocaction priority, the higher the quicker timeout
15async_callback_priority: AsyncCallbackPriority
16# associated authorization policies
17authorization_policies: [AuthorizationPolicy!]
18# liquid code to be invoked after persisting input to DB. If possible, use async
19# callback actions instead
20callback_actions: String
21# whitelist of attributes which can be persisted in the DB. On server side
22# (callbacks, emails etc) you have access to submited values via form variable
23# (for exapmple configuration: properties: my_var is accessible via
24# form.properties.my_var )
25configuration: HashObject
26created_at: JSONDate!
27# liquid code which has to evaluate to JSON. This extends/overwrites user
28# submitted input via form, before validation. Most useful to store in DB
29# sensitive data which you do not want user to modify, for example
30# context.current_user.id
31default_payload: String
32# associated email notifications
33email_notifications: [EmailNotification!]
34# Message which you want to display to user upon validation errors.Output is
35# available via context.flash_alert. Liquid allowed.
36flash_alert: String
37# Message which you want to display to user after successful form submission.
38# Output is available via context.flash_notice. Liquid allowed.
39flash_notice: String
40id: ID!
41# liquid code to evaluate to valid form html. You have access to form_builder
42# variable and form tag.
43liquid_body: String
44metadata: HashObject
45name: String!
46# defines the physical path of the file
47physical_file_path: String
48# Path or URL to which user should be redirected after successful form submission.
49# Liquid allowed.
50redirect_to: String
51resource: String!
52# defines who can submit the form. If set to anyone, please make sure to provide
53# authorization_policies
54resource_owner: String!
55# associated sms notifications
56sms_notifications: [SmsNotification!]
57# name of the strategy and configuration for them
58spam_protection: HashObject
59updated_at: JSONDate!

# Required by