Email Notification

# GraphQL Schema definition

1type EmailNotification implements AdminSharedAttributesInterface {
2# json of the form { "file_name.jpg": { "url": "http://example.com/file.jpg" } }
3# which defines email attachments. Liquid will be processed.
4attachments: String
5# Comma separated blind carbon copy list. Liquid allowed. For example
6# "john@example.com, jane@example.com"
7bcc: String
8# Comma separated carbon copy list. Liquid allowed. For example "john@example.com,
9# jane@example.com"
10cc: String
11# liquid code to evaluate to valid form html. If email is triggered via form
12# configuration, You have access to "form" variable, with data specified in the
13# configuration.
14content: String
15created_at: JSONDate!
16# liquid code which should evaluate to integer. Delays invoking the job by
17# specified number of minutes. Useful to invoke code at certain point in time, for
18# example 1 hour before something etc. To calculate proper number you can use
19# time_diff filter.
20delay_by: String
21# forms which trigger the email
22forms: [Form!]
23# email address from which you would like to send the email, for example
24# notifications@mydomain.com
25from: String
26id: ID!
27# name of the liquid layout to which the content should be injected
28layout: String
29metadata: HashObject
30# name of the email, which is used in form_configurations or mutation to trigger
31# it
32name: String!
33# defines the physical path of the file
34physical_file_path: String
35# email address to which users should reply, for example support@mydomain.com
36reply_to: String
37# liquid code to evaluate to text
38subject: String
39# Comma separated recipient list. Liquid allowed. For example: "john@example.com,
40# jane@example.com"
41to: String
42# liquid code which should evaluate to true if the email should be sent
43trigger_condition: String
44updated_at: JSONDate!

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